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The Playa Times

The Playa Times

If you wonder what a condominium manager’s obligations are, this information is for you. Playa del Carmen has several housing options, among them, condominiums. It is important to be informed of the administrator’s obligations, and know if such obligations are set out in the Condominium Act or its Bylaw. According to Condo Experts, Vela Esperon …

The post Rights and Obligations of Property Owners – Part 1 appeared first on The Playa Times.

3/13/2018 11:28:16 AM

The first veterinary school was founded in 1962 in Lyon, France, but it was not until 1910 that the first female veterinarians graduated from the Cornell & Chicago Veterinary College in the USA. Only one of them, Florence Kimball, actually continued into this field of work and even by the 1960s only 5% of veterinarians …

The post A Veterinarian in Playa – Lisbeth Vasquez Garcia appeared first on The Playa Times.

3/13/2018 7:43:24 AM

Laura Raikes from Wales, first stepped foot on Mexican soil in 2001 when she was 16-years-old. It was a hard-earned family holiday in Playa and her first time on a plane. She fell in love with Mexico – it’s people, sunshine, music, culture. So she decided to come back a year later with her mother. …

The post Celebrating Women in the Community: Laura Raikes, Founder of Coco’s Animal Welfare appeared first on The Playa Times.

3/13/2018 7:31:58 AM

Are you a female in a wellness related industry? Would you like to have a framework of support, motivation and encouragement around you while you learn new business and leadership skills? Read on. The Global Wellness Institute Women in Leadership Initiative was created to encourage women to form circles of support and encouragement using the …

The post Celebrating Women in Leadership: Global Wellness Initiative appeared first on The Playa Times.

3/12/2018 7:04:11 AM

Ridley Scott delivers up another gem with All the Money in the World, or as it was released here in Mexico – Todo el Dinero del Mundo. Over the years I have come to expect quality and thoughtful storytelling when I see my fellow Brit’s name attached. What else would you expect from a director …

The post Mike’s Movies – All the Money in the World appeared first on The Playa Times.

3/10/2018 3:02:42 PM

The Playa Times: Where are you from and why did you move to Playa? I am a southern California native, I lived in Los Angeles with my husband for 13 years before we decided to move to Playa del Carmen. My husband and I knew that we wanted a different experience for our two children …

The post Susan Leahy: A Confident Woman appeared first on The Playa Times.

3/9/2018 3:12:52 PM

Have you ever been in a serious relationship? How long? Weeks, months, years, decades? Well, I am the type of girl that is happy in a serious relationship. There are a million reasons why I love being committed and not too many why I like being single! Bottom line: I realized that what I love …

The post Dating or a Serious Relationship in Playa del Carmen? Part III appeared first on The Playa Times.

3/9/2018 3:09:26 PM

Female restaurateurs work the dozens of jobs necessary to make their restaurants successful. They jump in when a waitperson doesn’t show, the chef calls in sick, and do the busser or bartender’s job, coming in early to receive merchandise, and staying late to close up. They put in long hours daily, face adversity, and at …

The post Women in Gastronomy: Playa del Carmen’s Female Restaurateurs appeared first on The Playa Times.

3/9/2018 2:53:18 PM

Sometimes we just don´t have the time or energy to cook every day from scratch. My granny loved to prepare food that could be eaten hot or cold, so you always had some delicious, homemade food. The following recipe, Fideos secos a los tres chiles, is a classic in any Mexican house, because it can …

The post Dry Noodles with Three Chiles Recipe appeared first on The Playa Times.

3/9/2018 2:44:52 PM

A few weeks ago I met a woman making a difference in Tulum, contributing to the town’s reputation as a multi-cultural gastronomic hub. Karen Young is the British-Lebanese owner of WILD restaurant and cocktail bar, set deep in the boho-chic hotel zone. The open-air restaurant offers an interesting menu influenced by the owner’s Mediterranean roots, …

The post In the Wild of Tulum appeared first on The Playa Times.

3/9/2018 2:33:40 PM