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The Playa Times

The Playa Times

Were you at the opening of LiberArte last Thursday at Inti Beach? If not, you sure missed a great evening! No worries; you can still go to the exhibition featuring nine international artists if you hurry – the installations will be there up until Wednesday 23rd until 11pm. Naiara Porras Rentero started to volunteer with …

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5/23/2018 1:43:10 PM
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Acquisition costs and property taxes in Mexico differ from what Americans are accustomed to when purchasing property in the U.S. We believe it’s important to combine the two costs when discussing overall savings when purchasing in Mexico. When purchasing in Mexico, closing costs are made up of a few main components: transfer tax 2% of …

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5/23/2018 8:57:21 AM

If you’ve spent time wandering around the Riviera Maya, you’ve probably seen the spiny tailed iguana or black iguana as it is also known. Native to hot and dry areas of southern Mexico and Central America, they are recognizable by their large size, rough spiny scales on the tail and tall dorsal crest. When born, …

The post The Spiny Tailed Iguana of Mexico appeared first on The Playa Times.

5/21/2018 12:59:07 PM

Plank Gourmet Grill & Patio Bar is one of the most prestigious restaurants in Playa del Carmen, and a recipient of the five-star American Hospitality Diamond Award for their exceptional quality and service. Their concept of using smoked wood and Himalayan salt planks is not only unique, but it also gives their dishes the outstanding signature flavor that Plank …

The post Introducing Upscale Kosher Dining in Playa del Carmen appeared first on The Playa Times.

5/19/2018 12:35:39 PM

We are so lucky to live next to the beautiful Caribbean Sea. I’m sure for many of us that was part of the draw to visit or move to Playa del Carmen. While the water is not always calm and crystal clear, there are still many benefits to living by the ocean.   Water Wellness …

The post Wellness in the Water: Activities and Benefits appeared first on The Playa Times.

5/19/2018 12:31:10 PM

Global Wellness Day was first started in 2012 and has grown year by year since then. It is now celebrated in over 100 countries and Saturday, June 9, 2018 will mark the seventh annual GWD celebration.   Celebrate in Playa del Carmen with a fun-packed day of events for all ages and activity levels, completely …

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5/19/2018 12:23:07 PM

Avengers: Infinity War, directed by the Russo brothers, is the 19th film in the Marvel cinematic universe that started back in May 2008 with Iron Man. The premise of this tale is that the Avengers and the Guardians of the Galaxy must unite to stop Thanos (Josh Brolin) in his quest to gain all the …

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5/19/2018 12:20:23 PM

In this edition I share with you Dave Tomlinson’s story; he’s a Canadian scuba diving instructor with more than 15 years’ experience exploring the subaquatic world of the Riviera Maya. Dave: I came to Mexico for the first time in 1989-90, backpacking for four months from Cancun down through Central America, where I received my …

The post Meet Dave Tomlinson from Abyss Dive Centre appeared first on The Playa Times.

5/19/2018 12:06:47 PM

The Playa Times office recently received an email from Susan, a concerned visitor to Cozumel, who was upset by the horse-drawn carriages awaiting tourists from the cruise ships. She wrote “Most tourists are shocked and appalled by these thin, mangy, older, unhealthy horses who stand all afternoon in the sun.”. In 2012 there were rumors …

The post The Calasero Horses of Cozumel appeared first on The Playa Times.

5/18/2018 12:30:40 PM

It is my pleasure to present to you an amazing woman named Véronique Gironne. This  31-year-old woman from Abitibi-Témiscamingue, Quebec, Canada, recently celebrated her second anniversary living in Playa del Carmen. She had been living in Montreal for nine years before deciding to follow the woman of her life here. Moving out of the country …

The post LGBT in the Community: Canadian Tour Guide appeared first on The Playa Times.

5/18/2018 12:16:40 PM